Graphic Designer and Illustrator in Brooklyn, NY


Groovy custom letterforms and illustrations in two colorways for Ten of Cups Vintage. Postcards & icons for Instagram & Etsy.
Illustrated social media flyers for The People's Townhall, a conversation about reimagining the publishing industry, hosted by Subway Book Review.

Instagram graphics for Subway Book Review's Black-owned bookstore map. See the full post here.

Illustrated quote from one of my favorite authors, Ursula K. LeGuin
Animated Instagram flyers for Ladyfag’s CHIM3RA, a genre-bending party with special guest Lil’ Kim.
3D CHIM3RA logo and chimera illustration by different artists. Design, animation, and editing by me.

Album artwork and promotional animations for Underlined Eight, centering on the themes of the song: androids, the afterlife, cyberpunk, and science fiction. Each animation was designed as a loop to be played on Instagram (see here with sound). Gif examples are included below.